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Lindford is a small village of approximately 2,700 inhabitants about seven miles east of Alton.  At the entrance to the village from the west is the Millennium Bridge over the River Wey, with attractive borders of hardy shrubs on either side.  Entering from the South, there is Headley Mill where there is the ford that gave Lindford its name.  Was the river called the Lin or the Lind at one time or does the village get its name from the linden or lime tree?

Lindford only became a distinct Parish with its own Parish Council in 1982, but it is an old settlement with a long history. From 1929 to 1982 it was part of Whitehill, and for centuries before that it was part of Headley.  A map of Lindford, dated 1896, indicates where the older buildings in the village are located.  In those days, in what we now know as Liphook Road, there were only six properties, including the pub.  There has been a great deal of development since those days but many of the older houses remain. 

Lindford has a small parade of shops, a Methodist Church, a tool hire shop, a small industrial estate, a Village Hall, which provides a focus for the village, and an area of allotments. The Parish Church serving Lindford is All Saints Church in Headley.

Lindford is surrounded by attractive countryside; of special note is Broxhead Common, which is a Nature Reserve and is particularly spectacular in late summer when the heather is out.  There are a number of footpaths including one at the end of Canes Lane, which goes along the river past the famous Lindford Oak (which is now strictly in Bordon).

Read the latest Lindford Parish Council News for news about the village and keep up-to-date with local information via the community page on this site.



Allotment available for the new growing season

There is a vacant plot on the allotment site on the Chase estate. The new growing season is just starting and think of all those lovely fresh vegetables you could have. See the poster for details of who to contact.







Lindford Church
Lindford Church
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Chase Development
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Headley Parish Church

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